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Before the invention of the car. Before the radio. Before typewriters, elevators and telephones. Before electricity, in 1833, American Optical was already helping people see the world.

The oldest and greatest optical company in American history has pioneered optical and eyewear innovation for centuries. AO's founders believed everyone should have acess to eyewear and changed history by bringing spectacle manufacturing to the US. Since then, AO has originated sunwear styles worn by pilots, Presidents and NASA space crews.

Still committed to independent thinking. Still made in America. Still focused on the future, AO continues to set the standard for American eyewear.

For almost two centuries now, AO has stood as a sympbol of American ingenuity, and we're just getting started. Our pride un AO's heritage is matched only by our pride in our team' commitment to craftsmanship and customer service. In our state-of-the-art American factory, AO produces the qualité, classic eyewear that defines True Original style.

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